What is break torque?

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We’re often asked to explain the difference between types of valves…their application, installation and the terminology used. A common question that has often been asked is…what is break torque?

Understanding break torque

The break torque of a ball valve is the amount of force needed to move the ball from either the fully closed or fully open position. The greater the force required, the higher the torque value becomes.

We define this force in N m or Newton metres! (Most manufacturers publish this torque figure on their datasheet.) When sizing Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic actuators we normally use this figure, which includes a safety factor.

As there are many specific factors that need to be taken into account, when correctly sizing actuators, we always recommend you talk with a member of our technical team who will be able to recommend the correct solution.

Torque Switches

Torque switches in electric actuators measure the torque present in the valve. When exceeding a set limit, the motor of the actuator stops, this is signalled in the same way.

Actuators are often equipped with a remote position transmitter which indicates the valve position as continuous current or voltage signal.

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